>Why does Santa Claus not come to Africa? 

My kids asked me last Christmas,  ” Aunt, why does Santa not come to our house ?”. I saw this picture on the internet and that was the perfect answer for my kids. 

Slingshots and stone throwing are one of the main activities African children enjoy during leisure. This is normally seen with those in the rural areas who are, most of the time in the house and not in school. They give attention to everything they sight in the sky and think that everything deserves a shot. 

This picture is no lie, that an African kid will give Santa Claus a shot when he’s sighted in the sky, even in the night.


Conditional love. 

Loves never unconditional in human relationships. How far anybody can go for a loved one or a spouse depends on some little things they receive in return. Only God loves unconditionally. What do you think? Your comments will be  well cherished.

The lonely nights are my best friends now. 

Like the wind, friends come and go.

Sadly, the best ones leave the most.

But these friends  I have got,

Are the best among the lot.

Since you left me with the nights, cold and lonely 

They became my friends; the nights only,

Because they never left me. 

They are there when the days reject me.

The nights understand every memory with you,

And think that observing them is something good.

The ones that make me cry are their favourite.

But what am I to do? I just hold on to every bit

Of pleasure the nights might bring to me, 

And the freedom of thoughts they make me feel.

The nights you left me with, while you weren’t around;

The lonely nights are my best friends now. 


Let’s take a walk downtown;

You and me, hand in hand.

Let our enemies see us and frown.

Let’s do this baby, let’s take a chance.

Tell the whole world I’m your No. 1

Make them understand that I’m your Queen.

And after all is said and done,

In my heart, you shall be King.

Let’s take a walk, my baby boy.

Let’s take a walk, do not be coy.

Every obstacle, we shall go through.

Let’s take a walk bras dessus, bras desous.                                                                  

The bliss of solitude 

Have you ever felt lonely and all of a sudden feel like ” hey, loneliness rocks! “? There are a whole lot of stuff you can do when you are lonely and have nobody to attend to you. This is what I call the bliss of solitude.